About Us

Family Equality is a website which follows the legal system of marriage and family issues in China. We are promoting the issues including legalizing same-gender marriage, diverse families and delegalizing marriage and family, now we are focusing on promoting legalizing same-gender marriage.

Legalizing Same-gender Marriage means, amending the legal system of marriage and family in China which centers on heterosexual and cisgender during the two sessions, and eliminating oppression on non-heterosexual and non-cisgender.

Diverse Families means, 3 legal systems of diverse families promoted by The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, namely same-sex marriage, civil partnerships, and multiple-person families. In these 3 systems, we may see that the combinations of intimate relationships and the practice forms of marriage and family are diverse, rather than keeping identical.

Delegalizing Marriage and Family means, marriage and family may still be a custom for some people, that is to say, people who want to get married or become each others’ family members, ok, they can do this, but they no longer have to comply with their duties ruled by the marriage and family law, nor do they have the rights and welfare bundled by the marriage and family law anymore. The supporting measures of delegalizing marriage and family is to socialize child rearing, elderly care and helping the disabled, that is, the social management department use our taxes to give birth to all children and raise them till they are able to take care of themselves; and to take care of the elderly and the disabled who are not able to take care of themselves, till they die.

Though we are only focusing on promoting legalizing same-gender marriage at present, we know that legalizing same-gender marriage can only meet with the demands for people who directly benefit from legalizing same-gender marriage, and it can not eliminate oppression on more marginalized people, so we will also discuss the issues about diverse families, delegalizing marriage and family, and to initiate topics and conversations. We hope to realize that all men are created equal in economy and in law, and we will make effort for this to remove obstacles in the legal system.

If you are also interested in the legal system of marriage and family issues in China, you are welcomed to give valuable advice to us, and you are also welcomed to contribute articles for the column you are interested in. We will help you to translate english into Chinese if we decide to post your articles on our website. The official mailbox of Family Equality is: pingdengjiating@gmail.com